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That's the "other" side of Half Dome.

For some perspective, there are some itty-bitty people at the top of...

This area can be under 30 feet of snow in the winter....

The patterns in the rocks look like a giant's chessboard.

Tenaya Lake -- our lunch stop.

Can you pick out the yellow canoe on the opposite shore?

Mother Nature has made some pretty spectacular carvings in these granite slopes.

Today we took the Tioga road over the upper part of the park to Tuolumne Meadow, which is in the northeast part of the park. It was a different kind of tour, at least for the first three-quarters of it. The forest is beautiful -- looks a lot like home. But once you round a corner at the Olmstead overlook, everything changes. You can see the opposite side of Half Dome and vistas that continue to amaze. The expanse of granite slopes and peaks and domes is just indescribable. A lot look like big piles of snow that has been sculpted by wind and temperature, but it is all extremely hard rock that has been sculpted over millennia.

We stopped for a picnic lunch at Tenaya Lake, almost as beautiful a spot as our lunch at Glacier Point yesterday. It was every bit as gorgeous a day as the last two have been. If we had ordered up the perfect weather, it would have been this. Tom claims it is payback for having to drive across Nevada and Wyoming. It is worth every mile!

Tomorrow we start heading back toward home. It has been a great trip. We are going to miss Sequoia and Kings Canyon Parks on this trip -- you have to go a long way around to get there from here -- but I really hope we will come back here in the not-too-distant future. I can only imagine what this area would look like in the spring when the waterfalls and streams are flowing and the wildflowers are blooming.

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