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Birding with Marcello

A different type of "selfie"...Marilyn's very muddy boots

One of many hundreds of Brazilian butterflies

Butterflies everywhere!

Butterfly wants to look through Marilyn's binoculars

...and help Louise take a picture

Many Tegu lizards ... they are big!

Louise with a tiny bit of the falls close behind her

Another perspective

Harpy Eagle (at the Bird Park)

Blue and Yellow Macaw

Tinamou double-decker

Iguassu Falls at sunset

Birds for Another Day, So We Lied a Bit!

Our hotel is actually in a national park so getting together with Marcello, our bird guide for the day took a bit of doing. We took an Iguassu Experience van the 12 km to the gate at 5:45 am, there we switched into Marcello's car. This was just the beginning of the complications as Marcello wanted to take us birding on the Argentina side of the Iguassu River. Fortunately, the lines for checking out of Brazil and into Argentina, are pretty short at six in the morning! We had a good time birding with Marcello, who, when not identifying birds was commenting on everything from flora to government corruption. We did have one unplanned wrench thrown in the morning plans, the birding was planned for a dirt road in the Argentine-side national park. Two weeks of rain prior to this planned birding and a bit of additional rain during this outing changed the road from dirt into red, sticky mud! We all had about 2 inches of mud caked on the bottoms of our hiking shoes.

It was afternoon by the time we undid all the steps necessary to be back at the hotel and on the Brazil side of the Iguassu River. Upon the return Louise and Marilyn checked into other activities through Iguassu Experience while Dave and especially Roger took on the task of cleaning four pair of hiking boots (each boot was close to double weight!).

Our preferred activity of guided walk and boat ride entitled the Black Well Tour was not to be, due to the height and flow of the Igaussu River. Depending on the local reporting, the river was running somewhere in the range of seven to eight times normal. While Igaussu Falls is normally a grouping of many, many (275) separate waterfalls, many of these named cascades are currently merged into "mega falls".

Oh, what to do with the afternoon instead? Well, since we've had so little time birding lately, we decided to go through the bird park just outside the national park entrance. The Bird Park is a rehabilitation center for injured birds and breeding center for endangered birds. Yes, there will be more bird pictures accompanying today's journal entry. And we'll include a few shots of the falls themselves from the Brazilian viewpoints.

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