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I waited until Marilyn left the RV, driving to Palmyra, and then I made the bed, washed the few dishes in the sink, and took my shower.

I spoke to Marilyn a couple of times on the phone as the morning progressed.

I waited at the cave until we knew there would be no tour before 11:00 AM, then walked home.

I had decided to fix a batch of vegetable beef soup so that Marilyn would not have to cook anything after her long day away from home.

I went off to the store to pick up some meat and a few needed veggies for the soup, then returned to the RV and began cooking.

It sure smelled good in here as the soup simmered and I cleaned up my mess.

I glanced at the clock when I finally sat down and it was five after one. I realized that I had not sat down until then and it sure felt good.

The forecast rain appeared right on schedule in the afternoon, and it rained hard several times, letting up in between periods of downpours.

Thunder and lightning came along with the rain, just to make it interesting.

Marilyn returned at 5:00 PM and I had the soup ready for her.

We sat together eating the simple meal I had prepared and then settled down to relax.

I told Marilyn that I would drive to Palmyra and pick up Lauren tomorrow morning, before I go to the Cave to lead tours.

We have a group of 110 people coming to tour the Cameron Cave tomorrow, so I will be walking to and from that cave to lead one of the tours.

Hopefully the rain will be gone by morning because Bob is coming over and we’ll see if we can get the new rear view camera and monitor set up, to facilitate the towing of Marilyn’s car.

Now we are ready to watch some TV and get a good night of sleep.

Life is Good!

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