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As I walked to the cave this morning, I paused to chat with some tent campers. They were nice folks from Colorado and mentioned that they were going to tour the cave this morning.

Great! I was the guide.

There were a total of seven people for the tour and we enjoyed the time we spent in the cave.

One funny thing happened. When we entered the cave, one of the people noticed a brown, furry, animal on some of the rocks near the entrance. It was a groundhog which hangs out around the entrance to the cave.

Marilyn had noticed the critter outdoors, but near the cave entrance.

I walked home after the tour, and had time to play with Lauren for awhile before she ate lunch and went off to the bedroom for her nap.

She has the cutest giggle and a smile that just melts the heart.

Sure do love that little gal!

Marilyn & I relaxed with the computers and the TV while Lauren napped.

When she woke from her nap, it was time to go meet Jennifer at Huckleberry Park. We were keeping both the grandkids while Jennifer attended a meeting.

We took bread to feed the ducks and the geese in the large pond, then watched a young man do all sorts of tricks with his scooter.

We left the park and drove to a fast food place with a playground for the kids.

They ate dinner and played until they were ready to leave.

By the time we returned to the campground, we just had time enough to go to the playground here for a short time.

Jennifer arrived and after a short visit they all left for home.

It was a busy day for us and for the kids.

Now we are relaxing but thinking about another busier than normal day tomorrow.

It doesn’t help that the main road taking us to Jennifer & Steve’s house, is closed. Now, Marilyn must find her way on miles of gravel roads, through the countryside.

Oh well, I’m sure things will turn out ok and we are assured that Life is Good!

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