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Everyone gathers around the camp fire, pet sheep included

Camp oven hot pot

Chris and Emma add the dumplings

Laser light show

Emma's Jaffa puddings


"Before" photo - with the old pond

"After" photo - new pond installed!

It's lovely be home.

I've done a bit of gardening. The veggies are in, and I revamped my leaking pond with a new "rock look" liner.

This morning I added 8 tadpoles from Shari's pond.

On the weekend I went up to Shari and Chris's for tea.

Chris cooked a tender beef stew in the camp oven and Emma made dumplings to go on top.

I brought cheese and bikkies, wine and potatoes stuffed with garlic and herb butter and wrapped in foil to go in the fire.

The girls made jaffas for desert. These are hollowed out oranges filled with chocolate cake mix, wrapped in foil and cooked in the coals.

Emma and marnie are home for school holidays so Emma's horse Ralph and all our pet sheep have been moved to the paddock next to their house. The pet sheep wandered around the campfire being nosy (" is that food?") and sociable.

It's really nice to be home

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