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OMG! We put in a long day on bikes today, but it was our last cycling day. Tomorrow we will be taken to the Bucharest, spend the night in a hotel, then take an EARLY flight to the CZ Republic. It will be a nice change of scenery.

A little background: We have been unable to access websites for most of this trip, therefore few entries. I didn't take notes either so this entry will be a brief summary.

Our bike & barge trip in Croatia had wonderful weather, good cycling equipment, great accommodations, & plenty of delicious food. Villages were compact & colorful. Countryside was rocky...stone fences & stones covering the ground. The only rain fell on our last morning, so cycling was just in the afternoon.

Romania - We spent almost 2 days in Bucharest. People look unhappy, the city is dirty, buildings are not maintained, many people walking around as they are unemployed & plenty sleeping on "grass" and wherever else they can find. Probably hundreds of small dogs & cats wandering around. The boat trip was an adventure. The bikes were less than desirable. The boat cabins were cramped. I'd have those towels in my rag bag. We had a houseboat where we ate & slept which had no motor. We had a powered small boat with lawn chairs which hauled us to where we would start cycling. There was a barge which carried our bikes, and there was a tow boat which would push or pull the houseboat. Food was good & also plentiful. After 5 nights on the houseboat, we are spending our last 2 nights in a guesthouse in Tulcea, Romania. It's quite nice especially considering where we've come from. The villages are interesting. It's quite a huge step back in history. The Communist influence is still very visible. Too bad they don't have funds to rip down all these deserted concrete buildings.

I think that's enough for tonight. I hope I can post more often now that we are no longer biking & boating.

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