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Friends of ours who recently spent time in Colorado near us, were victims of a burglary in their RV.

They were staying in an RV park near Pigeon Forge, TN, and went out to attend a music concert. When they returned they discovered the crime.

I want to remind all of us who are part of the RV Community, that we need to watch out for each other. Keep an eye on the RV’s of our friends when we are parked nearby, and watch for any suspicious activity.

Marilyn & I often stay in gated RV communities when we remain in one place for some time, and tend to know the people who are around us.

When we travel around the country, however, we often are “on our own” and have no idea who is parked nearby.

The simple fact is that it may not be anyone in an RV who commit’s a crime like this, but rather someone who simply drives in or walks into a Campground or RV Park.

Most often there is no control on traffic in and out of an RV Park.

With that lack of security we all have to be cautious.

I have no answer or solution for this problem but it is more rare in the RV community and it is easy to become complacent.

So, let the experience of our friends become a “Heads Up” reminder for all of us.

Now, I’ll get off that subject.

Marilyn and Jennifer left me here all alone so the Ryder Cup Golf, Football Games, and the Cardinals Baseball, has all of my attention.

I had lasagna for breakfast this morning!!!

How’s that for “The Breakfast of Champions?” LOL

I missed my “coffee buddy” this morning and only made half a pot, then drank it all by myself.

Once the European team finished off the Ryder Cup on TV, I was off to make the bed, do dishes and clean the kitchen.

I had a text message from Julie at the Cave asking if I could start the day at 9:00 tomorrow because a Riverboat is docking and we can expect more tourists coming in.


I have some lab work at the clinic but it doesn’t take long to draw blood and I’ll be all ready to lead some tours after that.

Marilyn says she will be home around dinner time so I’ll wrap this up for today.

Remember dear readers, that Life is Good!!!

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