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Landscape after leaving Kununurra

Bungle Bungles - Beehive Domes

Cathedral Gorge

Our travel companions in Cathedral Gorge

Cathedral Gorge - Di and Pete

Cathedral Gorge - Di resting

The boys at The Window

Trekking around the Bungle Bungles

Bungle Bungles

Creek crossing when returning to camp

We left Kununurra and continued down the Victoria Highway turning left onto the Great Northern Highway driving past lots of Boab trees, I just love them. Boabs are held in high regard by the Aborigines of the Kimberley Region, they know the tree as larrkardiy and regard them as having a strong spiritual presence. This part of our great country 'The Kimberley's' is a favourite of ours to travel through, red dirt, Boabs and amazing scenery.

We just had to pull into Turkey Creek Road House as it had strong memories for both of us. Several years ago Pete did a weeks voluntary work on the mission which is located next to the Road House.

For me it wasn't good memories as on our last trip in 2010 we had waited there for 24 hours and even camped the night. I wanted to go up in a flight over the Bungle Bungles but they wouldn't take just one person and no one wanted to join me on the flight so I had to give up waiting. Pete had already done the flight whilst at the mission so didn't want to go again. So this trip I didn't even think about going to see the Bungle Bungles.

The weather was hot and dry but we still enjoyed a feed of freshly cooked hot chips from the Road House before continuing on. I am so enjoying being the passenger and watching the amazing scenery, its very much about the journey and not the destination. We pulled into Spring Creek free camp and found a nice shady spot down near the creek. There was water in the creek and fellow campers were cooling off in it, it wasn't that inviting for us though and we just wet our feet. Later I was told some people were swimming with the cane toads (yuk).

We met a lady travelling by herself in a 5th wheeler and two small dogs, I was chatting to her and some backpackers arrived and asked if anyone was going into the Bungle Bungles and if they could catch a ride, I said not us and to ask other campers. The entry to the Bungle Bungles road was about a kilometre back along the highway.

We spent happy hour with some of the other campers before heading home for tea and bed. Just before going to sleep Pete asked if I wanted to go into the Bungle Bungles the next day and leave our caravan at the free camp. He said to think about it, well I didn't need to think for very long, I put extra water on ice, set the alarm for 5:30am and was rather excited.

Next morning I went to wake the backpacker I spoke to the previous day, I had trouble waking him and getting him to understand me from outside his closed tent. It turned out the one I spoke to the previous day was sleeping in the car. Later he told me he thought my voice was part of his dream. (lol)

Pete did a quick clean out of the ute throwing everything we didn't need into the caravan and off we set, our breakfast consisted of buttered shredded wheat meal biscuits which we happily shared with our adventure companions. They were French backpackers who met here in Australia and had been working down around Perth. They weren't fluent with English but keen to learn. Their names were Laurent and Rėmy.

We had to head off early in an effort to beat he heat but should have left earlier in hindsight. The road was very rough and it took 2 hours just to get to the information centre in the national park, then another 45 minutes to get to the southern section of the Bungle Bungles to Piccaninny where we saw the orange and black striped beehive domes. It was so hot and we went through so much water.

It was worth every bit of the rough drive in and the heat as the place and views were breathtaking. We went on four different walking tracks; around some domes, to Cathedral Gorge, to the Window and to a lookout. When we went into Cathedral Gorge we all went quiet and just looked, it was amazing. I could have stayed there for ages. Our traveling companions were blown away by it all as were we.

Our tour guide (Pete) was pushing us a bit to much as he wanted us to see as much as we could. It was the hottest time of the day and when we finished our walking we all were stuffed. We sat under a shelter near the ute and had a late lunch with the Bungles surrounding us, what more could you ask for. They cover a very large area and its a joy to look at them. We shared a cuppa with Laurent and Rėmy and Pete made an extra cup out of a drink bottle, that impressed our new friends. We all communicated the best we could and all of us thoroughly enjoyed the Bungle Bungles.

We then set out on our long, slow and very rough drive home which included several water crossings which excited everyone except me and arrived back to camp just before the sun went down, it was a long lovely day. I cooked up a meal which we shared with Laurent and Rėmy and we sat together and chatted. We were so happy we had invited them to join us on our adventure and they were so grateful.

The next morning we said our farewells to Laurent and Rėmy as they were heading in the opposite direction to us.

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