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It sure is fun watching a grandson play football! I suppose it is fun to watch any grandchild compete in any sort of activity.

I have to brag just a bit so please forgive me.

Colby played today and made at least three outstanding tackles, one behind the line of scrimmage.

Oh yeah, his team won by a score of 19 to 13.

After the game we stayed around to congratulate Colby, then left with Jennifer riding with Marilyn & I.

We drove into Hannibal and ate lunch before I fuelled the car and drove back to the RV.

A few minutes later, Marilyn and Jennifer left for an overnight shopping trip to St Louis. Mom and Daughter try to do this once a year and manage to get some Christmas shopping done.

That all suits me just fine because I don’t care much for shopping. That might be an understatement but you get the idea.

I have to hand it to my Son-in-Law, Steve, who is a good Dad, taking care of both the little ones while our wives are gone.

Being “Home Alone” means a day of rest for me. That translates to a “Day of Sports”. Just me and the TV, with Ryder Cup Golf, Baseball, and all sorts of College Football Games.

Man, I could end the blog right here, with my usual “Life is Good”.

Only one thing missing. I drove to Walmart and picked up some needed supplies, like ice cream, chips, nuts, crackers and cheese.

Oh, I picked up a bottle of wine and a few other things like stuff required to survive, but that wasn’t important.

Now, I am back home, watching Arkansas vs. Texas A&M.

That was an exciting game with A&M winning in Overtime.

Life is Good!

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