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The bookstore in Knowlton

A view worth stopping for

One of the many small rivers we crossed

Covered bridge ready for a postcard photo

Hot tea in Bedford - truck about to roar past

One of the many old barns we have passe din our travels

View from our house

We had a lazy start to the day with a general idea of the towns we wanted to visit – starting with Knowlton, the town we drove through last night, but where everything had already closed for the day. One of our destinations in Knowlton was a Jones New York Factory Store with sale signs all over the window. Despite the reality of the 14.75% sales tax one pays in Quebec ,the trip was very successful!!!

We explored Knowlton including a few shops which purport to be the locations on which Louise Penny based some of the places in her fictitious town of Three Pines. And we found a lovely coffee shop. Then back to Cowansville to the Nomad Cafe for a repeat of the wonderful lunch we had on our first day. It totally lived up to our expectations.

Then off to explore a few covered bridges – the older one `Balthezar`was built in 1932; the other, built in 1938, was a bit longer, but both were of the same construction.... an interesting concept to cover the road/bridge rather than clean off the snow.

It was a lovely sunny day (about 27 degrees) and the blue sky and full light showed off the fall colors beautifully. Every turn in the road revealed a different but equally amazing landscape. It was fabulous.

Yesterday we had afternoon tea at a lovely outdoor patio on a river, but the tea was certainly not hot and we had to ask for new pots with hotter tea. Today we decided that before we ordered tea we would cross-examine the server to ensure that the water boiled. So we arrived in the town of Bedford and found an actual tea shop. They had shelves of different kinds of tea and assured us that the water would be HOT. So we ordered and sat outside to enjoy our tea. By the time it arrived we realized that the street was on a major truck route with giant trucks using jake brakes and the whole nine yards. So we had the best tea we’ve had in a long time but could barely hear ourselves think each time a truck pulled up to the stop sign.

Home again for home cooked dinner – including the bottle of Prosecco the landlords had left for us – and pumpkin pie for dessert. Another successful day!!

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