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Looking Normal

Colby was on there somewhere


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American Queen

The “American Queen”, sister ship to the “Delta Queen” and the “Mississippi Queen” Riverboats, was in dock early this morning.

They have busses which bring the passengers to different locations in Hannibal, including the cave.

I was ready when thee nice folks arrived and did back to back tours of the cave.

It was close to 12:00 noon when I walked back to the RV.

Marilyn arrived, with Lauren, just as I began to open the door at the RV.

We ate a quick lunch and I changed clothing before we headed off to Palmyra to watch the Homecoming Parade.

We found a shady spot along the street, and watched as the parade began, led by a Police Car with lights and the siren going.

Jennifer, Marilyn, Lauren and I enjoyed the fun, with Jennifer waving to many of the parade participants and calling their names.

It is neat that she knows so many people and loves her job as a school nurse.

As luck would have it, Colby went by on a float, but seated so that he was facing the opposite side of the street from where we were standing. We managed to yell his name until he turned around and saw us, but pictures we had hoped to get didn’t turn out so well.

When the parade ended, Marilyn & I said so long to Jen and Lauren, with hugs & kisses, then we drove back to Hannibal.

As we drove toward the Historic District, we could see the Riverboat moving, so we hurried through town and headed up the hill to “Lover’s Leap” where we had a clear view overlooking the entire town and the Mississippi River.

Marilyn took some pictures and a video which I hope to share with you dear readers.

In the video you may have noticed that one of the smoke stacks on the Riverboat appeared to be leaning and that is exactly what was happening. The smokestacks are lowered for bridges, etc and that is what you would have seen in the video.

Unfortunately, the video file was too large and I couldn't upload it, so you will have to settle for the picture.

Marilyn & I relaxed for awhile and then she went to get things ready for tomorrow.

We are driving to Palmyra for Colby’s football game tomorrow morning and then she and Jennifer will leave for St Louis and a day and a half of shopping.

I will be holding down the fort (RV) here at the Campground.

Life is Good!

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