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I was already at the Cave Complex, waiting in the Guides Lounge this morning, when Marilyn returned to the Campground with Lauren.

I watched out the window and when I saw them coming down the road I walked outdoors to say “Good Morning” to Lauren, and get a “Grandpa Hug”.

I went back inside as my loved ones continued to the RV.

I led a tour with 14 people and I enjoyed the tour as much as they did. That is pretty normal for me, as I do have a good time, most of the time.

It was a little before noon when I made it back to the RV.

It had started to rain and I was glad to have the shelter of the overhanging tree limbs. I was getting wet as I walked no matter how much I tried to stay under the trees, and then I saw Marilyn & Lauren driving toward me. They gave me a ride back to the RV.

I changed clothes, then ate a bite of lunch, and followed that by relaxing as Marilyn read a book to Lauren.

Lauren soon fell asleep and I wasn’t far behind as I had my eyes closed, too.

I must have dozed off for half an hour or so because I was surprised when I glanced at the clock and saw that nearly an hour had passed in what I thought was just a few minutes.

We allowed Lauren to nap until she awoke by herself, since Jennifer and Colby were driving in to pick her up.

By the time they arrived, the rain had stopped and the sun was shining, so we all walked up to the Gift Shop where the kids picked out some polished rocks, placing them in a small box which looked like a miniature treasure chest, and I paid for them.

Hey, that’s the way it is when the grandkids visit.

After our loved ones headed for home, Marilyn popped some popcorn and we settled down to relax and watch some TV.

Tomorrow, the Riverboat docks here in Hannibal, so we may have a large group for tours.

We never know for sure what to expect, but I will go to the Cave a bit earlier than usual, in the morning, and I’ll be ready for anything.

Life is Good!

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