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Nothing earth shaking happening here. Down for the night. After a good night's sleep I thought that I might try to describe what I saw driving from New Orleans to Beaumont. Driving along the Gulf Coast is rather interesting. I drove on a causeway that was miles long. I-10 goes along the edges of bayous. The causeways are long, straight, and flat with the occasional ramp up to a bridge and over a river. Once on the causeway there is no getting off, no exits. So what do you see? Well I saw folks setting out traps for crawdads, trolling in the water between the east-bound and west-bound lanes of the I-10. In one spot I saw alligators in the swampy water under the east-boud lanes. Very strange land. I now understand the need for airboats. Even when I thought I was looking at solid ground a small opening in the vegatation would open up and there would be a pool of water. I also can now understand why the BP spill was such a big deal. Too many people depend on the bayous for a livelihood. Also spotted small villages of flat-bottom house boats. Then once you clear all of the bayous in Louisanna you then encounter the bayous in south Texas.

I'm crossing Texas pretty much at widest aprt of the state. I-10 has over 880 exits. One exit per mile.

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