I took this one from a distance...:-)

This one is from their website, much better..

We spotted this one on our drive to Mackinaw City. I am pasting information from the website below.

The picturesque red Manistique East Breakwater Light, located on the end of a concrete breakwater on the east side of the harbor where the Manistique River flows into Lake Michigan, welcomes travelers to the harbor town of Manistique in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The pier is located on the east side of Manistique where you will find walkways leading visitors to the beginning of the breakwater offering a good view of the Manistique Lighthouse. You can park at Lakeview Park and walk west on the boardwalk or turn south at the first road east of the bridge to the parking lot near the marina and take the path to the pier. While the lighthouse is not open to the public, you can easily see it from the end of the breakwater and get some great photos. On a good day you can walk out to the lighthouse, but caution is strongly advised as winds and waves can be treacherous.

Manistique was an important shipping port in the late 1800's when logs were floated down the Manistique River from logging camps to local sawmills, cut into boards, and the lumber was shipped out to build cities near the lower part of Lake Michigan. Piers were built on each side of the mouth of the Manistique River where it emptied into Lake Michigan to keep the river entrance open and to provide ships access to this harbor of refuge during bad weather. The original lights were simple markers on the end of the old pierheads and were replaced in 1914 by a skeleton steel tower on the west breakwater and a light on the west pierhead

Work began in 1915 on the construction of the present lighthouse on the east breakwater and the dwelling for the lighthouse keeper. Prefabricated steel plates for the lighthouse were shipped, bolted together, and lagged to the 14' x 14' square foundation that was built 36' from the end of the breakwater.

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