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Marilyn & I sure enjoyed our day yesterday, but were worn out pretty early in the evening.

The result was an “early to bed” evening for us.

After sharing our morning coffee today, Marilyn had to leave for her drive to Palmyra.

She spent her day with the grandkids.

I took care of my usual chores around home, then dressed for work and walked to the Cave before 9:00.

I thought you might be interested to know what happens to get ready for the tours to begin, so here is what I normally do before leading the first tour.

I unlocked the five doors, turned the lights on in the cave, then set the TV & DVD player for the video which precedes the cave tours.

I went outdoors and raised the flag, then waited for the tourists to show up for a tour of the cave.

Sadly, no one showed up this morning, until the 11:00 AM tour, which was after I was finished, so I walked back home.

I filled out paperwork for Marilyn’s passport renewal and printed out the forms for our “change of address” because our Mail Forwarding Service in South Dakota is moving to a new address.

When Marilyn arrived back home today, I had a glass of wine waiting for her and we sat together outdoors on the patio.

When we went inside, I fixed a dinner of Ham Steak, Mashed Potatoes, and Mixed Veggies.

It was all quite tasty!

Now we are settled down for some quiet time before watching some TV. This is “DWTS” night and we enjoy that program.

So, one more day fades away and we are enjoying the weather here in the Hannibal area.

Life is Good!

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