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Statue in Burg Square

A bride in the city hall

Up to the council chambers

Interesting handrail

The council chamber

Seat of government

For cool meetings

Presentation of the relic of the blood of Jesus

Detailed ceiling art

Map of Bruges

Lock for night


Tour boat


Panorama of canal

Bell tower


Entrance to Groeninge Museum

Early primitive (meaning first) religious painting

Later secular painting

Modern (1941)

Back outside


Great spot

Dumond chocolate!

Grandma Dumond


Dinner at ProDeo


Very small family owned


Belgian beef stew

We enjoyed a wonderful and huge breakfast buffet at our hotel, and took another nap after we went back upstairs - jet lag still. The we went out to explore Burg Square, going into the City Hall first and enjoying the ancient-looking setting and the magnificent murals and ceiling. There was a bride and groom emerging rom their wedding as we entered. Then we took a little passageway next door, which used to be a place where they locked the city at night, then crossed a canal to the old fish market, and made out way along a pretty canal to the Groeninge Museum where there is a marvelous collection of Flemish art, starting with the “Flemish Primitives” onus to the present. This “Primitives” were excellent, just learning about perspective, but they sure did have a handle on texture. Getting hungry, we never found the waffle shop we were looking for, but at a tea room which may have replaced it we enjoyed Belgian waffles with ice cream. A chocolate stop at the original Dumon location with grandma Dumond proved a real find. Walking back to our hotel we again went through Markt Square (not a misspelling) and back to our nearby hotel for a nap. Dinner that night at Pro Deo was great, with Flemish beef stew made with beer. Delicious, and in walking distance of our hotel.

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