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Off we go into the heart of Bruges


Horse drawn tourists

A musical ensamble

A possible place to have lunch

Golden sword

Lunch was ho-hum or worse

Looking for lace (Bruges is a famous lace town)


A panorama of the square




Bicycles dominate

Belgium beers are famous - and delicious


Not for rent




Down a dark alley


This was a poor restaurant

The musicians


Dinner was great here


Lasagna and spaghetti - excellent

Back to the Burg Square at night

Our landmark tower

"City Hall"

After our nap, we headed out from our hotel toward the squares that were not too far away. First we encountered the Burg where the government building stands as well as at least two churches. We were quite hungry (it was 3PM) so we picked the Tom Pouce restaurant that dominated the end of the square. Poor choice. The prices were astronomical and the food was atrocious. But fortified by some nourishment, we went on to explore Market Square, the next street over. Oh, the best part of the restaurant was the music being played and sung by a small ensemble. We passed a lace shop and many chocolate shops along the way. Just looking at the people and taking in the architecture, was a enjoyable way to spend our first afternoon. As we headed back to our hotel, we bought a half dozen pieces of chocolate (for fortification) from the artisan chocolatier, Dumon.

Back at the hotel, we attempted to make a reservation at Bistro ProDeo, but they were booked. However, the concierge was able to get us in tomorrow and recommended a nearby Italian restaurant, Carlito’s. We had a great meal of spaghetti and lasagna with the most wonderful home made pasta. After dinner, we headed back and made one more stop at the Burg which was beautifully lighted.

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