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Waiting for Old Faithful to erupt.

Visitors on the board walk near Old Faithful.

Keri, Kyle, Esther and Josiah waiting for Old Faithful.

View of crowd.

Another thermal vent near Old Faithful.

Old Faithful-- fifteen minutes before eruption.

Esther with her "camera."

A rain cloud was coming over us...with thunder!

"The Thunder is loud."

Old Faithful starting to blow....

...and more

...and higher....

...just about finished

Slowly she quits....

A few miles north of Old Faithful, we saw pools and geysers...

A geyser starting-up. This one seemed to erupt episodically with no set...

Photo by Josiah.

A nice "show." Photo by Josiah.

One of many small pools and steam vents in Biscuit Basin. Photo...

On the Madison River's edge. Photo by Josiah.

Colors. Photo by Josiah.

Flowing into the Madison River. Photo by Josiah.

One of several elk nearby. Photo by Josiah.

In Biscuit Basin. Photo by Josiah.

Geyser starting up. First of several shots in sequence. Photo by Josiah.

Photo by Josiah.

Photo by Josiah.

Photo by Josiah.

Such a pale turquoise. Photo by Josiah.

Photo by Mary Anne.

Yep, we ran into rain showers in Biscuit Basin. Photo by Mary...

Photo by Mary Anne

Another erupting geyser in Biscuit Basin. Photo by Mary Anne.

Sulphuric aroma and noise. Photo by Mary Anne.

Photo by Mary Anne.

Another beautiful pool in Biscuit Basin. Photo by Mary Anne.

A shrub that was over-taken by thermal activity in Biscuit Basin. Photo...

Walking on the boardwalk at Grand Prismatic Spring. Photo by Mary Anne.

Designs. Photo by Mary Anne.

More designs. Photo by Mary Anne.

At Grand Primsmatic Spring. Photo by Mary Anne.

The boardwalk at Grand Prismatic Spring. Photo by Mary Anne.

Photo by Mary Anne.

Photo by Mary Anne.

Photo by Mary Anne.

Photo by Mary Anne.

Photo by Mary Anne.

Photo by Mary Anne.

In the Fountain Paint Pot Area of Lower Geyser Basin. Photo by...

One of the Fountain Paint Pots. Photo by Mary Anne.

South of Canyon Village we came upon a line of stopped vehicles....


A little further south of the elk, the traffic backed-up for bison.

Bison were on both sides of the roadway....and on the hillside.

Feeding time.


The guy in the ditch didn't seem to know that two bison...

These two bison seemed to know they should face traffic when walking...

Day 15

August 8, 2014

The next day we drove about an hour to get to Old Faithful. Forty-five minutes later we got the four-minute “show.” It’s hard to gauge how high the geyser goes because our benches were about a hundred yards away. Interestingly, Old Faithful isn’t the biggest geyser in the park. Nor is it the most regular geyser in Yellowstone. But it is the biggest regular geyser! And it was fun to watch.

Old Faithful isn’t as “faithful” as it used to be. Since 2000 its intervals have varied from 44 to 125 minutes, with an average of about 90-92 minutes. This is because of various volcano activities in the area. But it still is spectacular and quite the tourist attraction.

Oh yes—about fifteen minutes before she erupted, we were hearing thunder from the dark clouds behind us. Rain started falling before we got into the General Store. We had rain showers until late that afternoon.

Click here to see what we saw at Old Faithful.

Leaving Old Faithful, we went clock-wise on the Grand Loop Road. Throughout the afternoon we’d stopped at places with names like Biscuit Basin, Sapphire Pool, Excelsior Geyser, Grand Prismatic Spring, and Fountain Paint Pot. Grandson Josiah took most of the pictures with my camera. He had fun, showed creativity, and did wonderfully.

At Norris we headed east on the Norris Canyon Road. As we drove south from Canyon Village we began to see wild life. First there were elk. And then bison. And more bison. And still more bison!

Here's the link to "Geysers and Pools in Yellowstone."

It was about sunset when we got back to Nick in our RV. What a wonderful day!

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