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Marilyn left early this morning, to drive to Palmyra where she picked up Lauren and took her to school.

I remained behind, getting ready for my shift leading tours in the Mark Twain Cave.

I happened to have the PBS channel tuned in and they were showing a special on Hawaii.

They showed numerous places we had visited and it made me want to go back for sure.

Maybe some day!

I led a tour of the cave and it turned out to be interesting because, in the middle of the tour, we lost all lighting for some distance.

I had my trusty flashlight and took things in stride, showing them the different formations by the light of my “torch”.

After the tour ended, I went back in the cave with Bernie, the maintenance guy, and he quickly determined that the problem was a faulty switch.

We decided to leave the lights on until the switch is replaced.

I had time to change into jeans and a T-shirt before Marilyn arrived with Lauren.

I fixed lunch for Lauren, and then she went to a pallet I had fixed on the floor, for her to take a nap.

She didn’t want to go to the bedroom because she had no intention of going to sleep.

I read her a story and then she was quiet as she looked at a “Bird Book” of Marilyn’s.

Marilyn soon returned from getting a haircut and it wasn’t long before she and Lauren were on the floor working puzzles.

Marilyn is still fighting that cold, so she stayed home while I drove Lauren back to Palmyra to meet her Mommy.

If you are a regular reader of this journal, you must be aware that we are very busy when we are back here in Hannibal.

Our plans remain to leave here on Oct 19th and meet friends in New Orleans. We will all travel to Abbeville, LA, before continuing to Mission, TX for the winter.

We look forward to being “At Home” in the Rio Grande Valley again, this time spending six months in one place.

Life is Good!

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