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Yesterday was not a good day for me.

I woke after what I thought was a good night of sleep, but when I started to get up, I realized that I felt terrible.

I had a couple sips of coffee but then felt sick to my stomach.

I spent the entire day in bed, couldn’t eat or drink anything, and felt only a little bit better around 7:00 in the evening.

I did eat a grilled cheese sandwich and sipped some water, then went to bed early and slept just fine all night.

This morning I felt much better but less than 100%.

I showered and dressed to lead tours but Julie said she had things covered at the cave.

I drove to Palmyra to pick up Lauren, then stopped on the way home to fuel the car.

Back home I carried the trash to the dumpster, dumped the holding tanks, then went indoors to play some board games with Marilyn and Lauren.

By this time I was feeling pretty good, except for a lingering headache, but was so much better than yesterday that I have to say I am fine!

In fact, Lauren and I walked to the gift shop to let Julie know that I do plan to work tomorrow. We then walked back to the RV where Marilyn had lunch ready.

Bob arrived in the early afternoon and we began to troubleshoot the camera system. Bob brought a brand new camera and we tried to use it to eliminate the wiring and the monitor. We were unable to eliminate anything. We even tried connecting the new camera directly to Bob’s monitor, and it still didn’t work.

Final result is that we are ordering a new camera and monitor.

As Bob & I were finishing up, Marilyn left to return Lauren to her Mommy.

We had to get ready to leave again, for the third round trip to Palmyra and back. This time it was to attend an open house at her Pre-School.

We left early enough to grab a sandwich on the way to Palmyra.

Tomorrow we’ll make two more round trips to Palmyra and back.

Casper is getting a workout!

Life is Good!

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