Kim and Damien's 12 month Odyssey, 2005 travel blog

Colourful colonial church

Sunset stroll

The gate to the city

Campeche at night

Iglesia de San Juan de Dios

Back streets of Campeche

Street scene


(KtH) We caught the 10.30am bus to Campeche this morning. Some ADO (first class) buses require you to check in your luggage much like an airport check-in. Damien was quick to tell me that his bag weighs 25kg while my bag weighs 17kg. We had recently transferred some of my small heavier items to his bag as I wasn't coping with the load very well. Oh well.....what are husbands for?

We disembarked 2.5hrs later in the oven called Campeche. We walked to the hostel we planned to stay with the heat of the sun beating down on us. We couldn't believe it but this town was even hotter than Merida. We had expected that Campeche would be cooler, being a coastal town.

My spirits were lifted when we entered the historical centre and started walking through small cobblestone streets with low set houses painted in various shades of pastel. Unlike some historical centres, this one was well looked after.

We arrived at the hostel drenched in sweat. The Monkey Hostel had a great location right on the plaza. However, the room we were given was very hot. At this stage however, we were too hot and bothered to look for another place to stay.

After dumping our bags I was keen to take a look around. The historical centre of Campeche is a fort town, surrounded by a defensive wall to protect against pirates. Unfortunately the bright, concrete buildings only made the heat more apparent, radiating it all around.

We cut our walk short and returned to the hostel to sit under a fan. Unfortunately, the fan in our room only appeared to move around hot air. With the afternoon sun directly facing our high window we got no relief from the heat.

When we couldn't stand the hot box anymore we ventured back outside to explore the coastline. It was our first time on the Gulf of Mexico. The sea here is a dark green muddy colour with an odour that wafts up your nose with each gust of wind. But boy did we love the wind! The breeze intensified as the sun came down and we enjoyed a cooling hour walking along a very modern bike and foot path that followed the shore line.

We watched the sun go down and returned to our hostel to cook dinner. The kitchen was a mess but we managed to cook up a spaghetti bolognese (our favourite travel food). The heat is effecting our moods and so we both ate feeling irratated about the dirty kitchen, the lack of clean utensils and, most of all, the never ending heat. Unfortunately it has really effected how much we can enjoy a place. It is just too hot to go sightseeing and enjoy what a place has to offer.

Although we arrived thinking we would stay a couple of days, we decided over dinner that we would leave the following day. We need to leave the lowlands.

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