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Jamie & Ingrid

pow-wow before getting started

getting ready to put out the net at dusk

finishing the semi-circle

starting to pull it in

checking for a hang up

net is in and stuff in the center

a baby shad

Shannon going through the plants

collection of finds

all fish are measured

ugly catfish

this might be the bluegill

We were going to do a river cleanup with most of us that are left in the park, but Shannon wasn't feeling well, and besides, the weather turned cooler and we would need jackets. It's ok - maybe next year I will be able to do it with Ingrid, like we have been trying to do. There was plenty of office work and organizing to do anf the day went fast.

I learned that Jamie was coming to Lackawaxen in the evening to do some net seining for young shad and that Shannon was going to volunteer to help. Ingrid and I came around sunset to watch the operation. We stayed for 3 nettings but they put it out 4 times. It was getting cold!

People from NY DEC, PA Fish & Boat Commission, Delaware Water Gap, and UPDE participated in putting out a huge seine net and then pulling it in to see how many young shad are making their way to the ocean after being born here earlier this year. They put it out using a motorized rowboat in a semi-circle. People pull the net in from both ends (very hard work), empty the catch into a washtub, then go through the collection of rocks, plants, and fish to get the fish, identify them, measure them, then save them for release at the end of the night. According to them, the shad aren't as plentiful as they would like. I did see a good-sized catfish, and a couple of blue gills. They rattled out names like sunfish, perch, large-mouth bass, and small-mouth bass. I even touched a small shad to see that their keel is like a serrated knife in one direction. eww!

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