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Hi Everyone,

Another interesting day in the Southern USA as we left Houston and travelled through Texas and some of the heaviest rain I have ever encountered in the USA before crossing early afternoon in Louisiana.

Once in Louisiana we headed to the very southern town of New Iberia to take in what is a great example of a small Louisiana town as well as enjoy our now customary drink with a few of the locals and once again they did not let us down.

The venue for our meet and greet this time was the Bourbon Bar on Main Street, a small bar with a couple of pool tables a long bar with a few locals who look like they may have been sitting there for a decade or two. As usual after ordering a drink the bar tender ask us where we where from and when we informed her we where from Aus, she immediately informed us that she would love to travel to Australia but that she did not like to fly, which kinda leaves her with very few options.

But as usual, the yanks just cant quit while they still have some credibility, our bar girl continued that she had never seen a kangaroo and in fact had only been to the local zoo which from her description does not have a great selection of wildlife and following an incident last year where the owner of the local Chinese restaurant was caught stealing exotic birds no longer has a great selection of them either.

The reason for this is that after stealing the birds the guy was chased at high speed by the local law enforcement and crashed into a tree killing himself and to the great disappointment of our bar maid, all the birds escaped. She also added that no one ever found out whether he was selling the birds or cooking them so my suggestion to all who plan to visit New Iberia is skip the Chinese and enjoy a nice pizza.

She also informed us that where she lives out of town there where a lot of cattle, coyotes and donkeys which help keep the coyotes from attacking the cattle, this was very interesting to Pistol who ask whether the donkeys were wild, the answer was a bit confusing as apparently they are not wild donkeys just security donkeys?

As all this was taking place a couple of locals from the other end of the bar had become interested in the conversation and also ask where we were from, after informing them we came from AUS, one of them ask us if we had ever been to Aberdeen, no we said, we are from Australia, not Scotland which instead of clearing up the confusion caused his poor bloke to go into a story about getting into a bar fight in Germany with some Iranians and a couple of Germans who apparently didn't see the funny side of his dad bombing their country during WWII. On this note it was time to bid our friends farewell.

We then headed out to Avery Island, the home of Tabasco hot sauce to pick up a few varieties of the sauce that we cant get in Australia, before heading back to our motel in Lafayette and enjoying a nice feed at Cracker Barrel, and for the record no one ordered anything that once had feathers, just in case another chef found the previously mentioned escaped birds.


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