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Salmon swimming upsteam at Sheep Creek

View from Dowd Mountain Overlook

Flaming Gorge

About the Red Canyon

View from Red Canyon Visitor Center

Red Canyon rim

Green River flowing through the Red Canyon

Green River

Rocky Mountain Sheep

More Rocky Mountain Sheep

Flaming Gorge Dam/Reservoir

Flaming Gorge Dam

Fish below the dam (1)

Fish below the dam (2)

Flaming Gorge Reservoir

Stopped here for a few days so we could visit the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area. Driving into our campground, we saw several antelope grazing around the campsites. They hung out around the campground the whole time we were there. Bridget met a few of them while out walking with Roger. She pretty much ignored them. Wish she’d react the same way when she sees a squirrel or a rabbit.

The salmon have begun their spawning run and we stopped at Sheep Creek to watch them swim upriver. There were lots of them lined up to get through the rapids where we were. You have to give them a lot of credit. They just kept trying even when the current pushed them back downstream. They’d make it eventually, but it was a lot of hard work.

The views of the Flaming Gorge were spectacular! We stopped at several viewpoints on our drive to the Flaming Gorge Dam and the scenery got more breathtaking with each stop. The red rock canyons with the Green River running through them was beautiful! (The Green River really is a pretty green, by the way.) We got a bonus when we stopped at Red Canyon visitor center. About 20 young sheep were grazing along the road. You don’t see that every day – even in the mountains.

Last stop for the day was the Flaming Gorge Dam. We were surprised and pleased they were giving tours. The dam is built on the Green River and is 502 feet high. The reservoir behind it is 91 miles long, stretching all the way into Wyoming. For me, the best part of the tour was the end. That’s when we got to feed the fish, mostly salmon, which gather at the bottom of the dam. There were some pretty good-sized fish down there – sorry, no fishing allowed.

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