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Howdy y'all.

We spent a relaxing day today here in Amarillo, Texas. The weather was very windy with a little bit of rain.

We didn't think our plans out well. We had planned to get a rental car today and go to the Palo Dunes Canyon and go horseback riding as well as drive around and see some attractions. However, we failed to remember that the rental car place would not be open on Sunday. So we chose to just take a relaxation day.

We took advantage of the free time and did laundry, played ping pong, read some RV magazinse and took a walk around the RV park. It has an indoor pool and hot tub, a gym, and a game room. Nice ground outside with a pond (catch and release) and waterfall.

Our one activity was out for dinner. As we didn't have a car and it is too difficult to maneuver the RV in and out of places, we took advantage of the free limo service from the Big Texan restaurant. They picked us up right at our door in a limo with longhorns on the front. Crazy fun!

They dropped us off at the door of the restaurant. The huge Big Texan sign greets you along with a huge alligator and a huge steer. Great photo opportunities out front. We chose to be silly and take our photos.

The restaurant began in the 1960's and is very well known. They are famous for their offer of a free 72 oz. steak if you can eat it and all the sides in less than an hour. They put you up on a stage with a large digital clock behind you. No takers while we were there. Denis chose the 12 oz. ribeye and I chose the 6 oz. filet. Very good! I tried their Laughing Margarita. It was served with a chili pepper on the edge along with the salt. I drank a few sips and then slid the pepper over so I could drink where there was more salt. Big mistake - omg! I was not laughing. My lips burned like I had never felt before. Also, Denis told me it was a Texas double - it was strong! So it was a combination of hot and strong.

After dinner we took a stroll around the rest of the restaurant. They were getting ready for some entertainment, have a really nice beer garden outside with great props, a fully stocked gift shop which includes a live rattlesnake to see.

We bought a few things and then waited for the limo to take us back to our RV.

Tomorrow the weather is predicted to be 80 degrees and no rain. So we will rent a car, visit the canyon, ride horses and do some other sightseeing.

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