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Vineyard near Lake Erie


Bentley, the cutie patootee

One of Kris's roses

Our campsite in Berkshire

Bob driving the water hauling tractor

the pond in Berkshire

Bedford Springs Resort

another view

1806 Log Church near Bedford

Jan and Sheila's latest car

Sheila's Diner

One car rolled into the lake

Jesse, Bruce, Jan, Bob and Larry at the Senior Center

near our campsite in Staunton

Our stay in New York was almost an instant replay of last years visit. After leaving Ohio our first stop in New York was at the Westfield/Lake Erie KOA where we stayed for just 4 days. We stayed here last year and enjoyed the area along the eastern shore of Lake Erie. The next two weeks we stayed at Timberline Lake Campground in Leroy, NY, this is the closest campground to my daughter and son-in-law’s home in Henrietta. It’s still an 18-mile trip to their home so we spent a lot of the two weeks making our almost daily trips on the Thruway. Kris and Bill made the trip out to the campground a few times too. Of course we really enjoyed spending time with Bentley, my great grandson, he is almost 4 and is still a barrel of energy, after a few hours with him we would go home completely exhausted, but in a good way.

There isn’t all that much to do in the Leroy area but one night Bob and I decided to check out a local restaurant that looked interesting. It is called Mooney’s Sports Bar & Grill, part of a small chain of restaurants in the Buffalo, NY area. Mooney’s menu included all of the popular bar type items but their specialty is 20 different versions of macaroni and cheese, made individually when ordered.

Bob and I both ordered the ½ orders of our choices and still had leftovers to take home. A full order would probably have fed a family of four. This is definitely a place we would return to.

On our last day in Leroy we helped Kris and Bill renovate Bentley’s bedroom, we didn’t get to do a lot but we are still claiming to be part of the finished project. The new theme is Batman/Superman. Bill painted Bentley’s red sports car bed black and decorated it with Batman stickers, so cute. Of course the “Cars” curtains I made for him last year don’t exactly fit the rest of the theme so I may have to get busy and make another set before they change the theme again.

We spent the next two weeks in Berkshire, NY where we stay at the Bob’s sister Sue and her husband Scott’s summer place way out in the middle of no-where; one of our favorite places. Wine time on the deck, family picnics and lots of fun conversation make it a great place to visit. We made a few trips into Binghamton to visit friends and family and then before we knew it, it was time to head south again.

For the third year in a row we made our first stop of our trip south at Friendship Village Campground in Bedford, PA, in southern PA. The campground has an “Oldies Weekend” every year the weekend after Labor Day. We made our reservations last year when we were here so that we could get the same site. Three years ago we became acquainted with our camping neighbors, Jan and Sheila and we really hit it off so we made plans to get together again this year. They usually bring one of their classic cars for the car show and so far each year they have showed up with a different car. If you could listen in our conversations you would think we all knew each other for years, there is never a lull in the conversations. Of course, Bob and Jan have music in common; Jan plays guitar and sings. The weather for the weekend was almost perfect so we had campfires every evening, and even s’mores. Sheila made a big pot of Chili, Bob’s favorite, and then sent us home with plenty to freeze to eat later this winter. We shared many meals and even spent a day cruising the local yard sales and sight seeing. Jan and Sheila have visited this area for many years so they made very good tour guides.

As the weekend came to a close Jan suggested that we make the trip to their hometown, about 40 miles away, on Tuesday so that the guys could get together and play music at the town’s senior center. Jan has a regular group of guys who play at the monthly senior lunch and he invited Bob to join in. Of course, I had to come along to be the roadie and I got to meet a very nice group of ladies who treated me like an old friend. Everyone enjoyed the music before and after a very nice luncheon. Before we left there was talked of doing it all again next September.

We are now in Staunton, Virginia at the Staunton/Walnut Hills KOA another of our favorite stops on the way south. Staunton’s, pronounced Stanton, claim to fame is being the hometown of the Statler Brothers, you know, one of their hits was “Counting Flowers on the Wall”. So far the rest of our trip south is still to be determined, there are just so many ways to get to Alabama from here and we have made the trip so many times we are running out of new places to visit. Fall is in the air and we have had pleasant days and a few cool nights.

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