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Last night Marilyn told me that she feels like she is catching a cold.


This morning I crept out of bed and left her to get more rest.

I fixed a pot of coffee and then turned the fireplace on, so that things would be as nice as possible for her when she managed to get out of bed.

She says she still thinks she is catching a cold but didn’t feel too bad this morning, so she joined me for coffee, then fixed a nice breakfast.

After that, I went off to make the bed and take a shower, while my Honey cleaned up the kitchen.

I set up the printer to print out the towing checklist I created yesterday, then paid a couple of bills on-line.

Marilyn sat in her recliner with her cross-stitch project and I settled down to watch some football.

I gazed at the map for some time, thinking about our trip when we leave here next month.

We are meeting friends in New Orleans and have reservations at Bayou Segnette State Park in Westwego. That is a great place to stay because a short Ferry ride takes us directly to the waterfront in the French Quarter.

While I watched football, Marilyn fixed some great potato soup, adding several slices of hot pepper cheese to melt in the soup when it was nearly done.

Oh My! We had been thinking about potato soup for awhile so today was the day!

I remember how I looked forward to these lazy Sunday afternoons back in my working life. Of course I usually needed to mow the lawn, trim bushes, stain the fence or the deck, or do some other chore around the house.

It seems that the weekends were made for working around the house and not for relaxing.

So, I must admit that this retirement life isn’t bad at all.

As a matter of fact, Life is Good!!!

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