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A crop of "triffids"

Typical landscape

The "triffids" up close

Day 21

Friday, Aug 26

(Final Note about last night: Got a call about 9:00 p.m. from the front desk informing me that the health department had found ecoli (?) in the water and I should come to the lobby for bottled water. Just lucky I guess.)

Today was what I'll call a "Good for the Soul" day. Ever notice that the best things that happen to you are always the ones that are unexpected. More later.

The weather maps this morning still kept forecasting rain and thunder storms for eastern Nebraska and Iowa, but the Doppler radar scan showed the storm front had already gotten to Iowa and was moving east, and the sky was clearing. So I decided to check out and follow the front east, but to give it time I decided to go to Kansas and Missouri before Iowa and tag two more states. I got on I-80 for the first 60 miles then dropped down to US 130 at Alma and took it to Red Cloud then down to US 36 in Kansas which I took through St. Joseph, Missouri to Chillicothe where I am tonight. The sky was blue with fluffy white clouds and the temp hit 93. Today I just enjoyed riding and wasn't concerned about how far I got. U.S. 130 was a beautiful two lane highway with rolling hills and lots of green.

Missouri, by the way, looks just like Michigan including the crappy roads.

The downside is that we're all out of scenery. God said, what, oh yes I've talked to him a lot in the last three weeks, God said that he used it all up on he western side of the country and ran out at Chimney Rock. So I only took three pictures today and two of them were of a crop I couldn't identify.

The weather map looks fine for me the rest of the way. I have about 900 miles to go. I'm hoping to do 550 tomorrow leaving an easier Sunday.

Mileage: 518

Total Miles on Bike: 6284

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