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Rock Hyrax at Tsikama NP

Big Bull Elephant at Addo NP

Male Kudu at Addo

Close up of female ellie

Mother and baby ellie at Addo

Our road-trip buddy Leesa, from Washington State, was originally booked on a 2nd overland trip that was to take her through SA to Mozambique, but this was cancelled as she turned out to be the only person on the trip! In the end she decided to come with us and as these two places were on her itinery, we added them to ours also.

The Tsitsikamma Coastal NP is only 7okm outside of Plettenberg Bay so it didn't take us long to get there, but upon investigation there was only one trail that was less than 1 day in length so we walked this but after 1.5hrs round trip we had seen no animals what-so-ever, and definitely not the Cape Clawless Otter that is 4 times the size of the ones at home which was the main reason for coming here, so we soon headed out of the park.

Addo Elephant NP was further away, 3 hours up the coast to Port Elizabeth (only here ½ hr which was that much too long as it was a real dump - don't bother if you are in the area!!), to get into Addo and futher up to Shamwari NP.

Upon arriving we found that they had a flood-lit waterhole so decided to stay in the park in the cheapest accommodation, so not only could we look at the water-hole at night, but we would also get to do a game drive first thing in the morning too. The water-hole turned out to be a waste of time as it had rained that day so no animals needed to come for water, and unsurprisingly, none of them did.

The park itself was not as expected either as from the name we expected to see literally tonnes of elephants, but actually on the two game drives only saw one lone bull (good sighting as he was very close to the car!) and two separate sightings of families going to or from the numerous water-holes. We did however have numerous sightings of ostrich, kudu and warthog who were not as shy here so did manage to get a few good close-up pictures.

We think this park ought to be re-named Addo Ostrich and Kudu Park but we suppose that would not be as big a tourist pull as Elephant Park would it!

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