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The pounding rain continued to wake us frequently during the night. I’m not sure how much rain Hannibal received but the town of Edina had nearly 10” of rain.

As a result of the rain and wind, we slept poorly and felt tired all day today.

Marilyn took the truck this morning, and drove to Palmyra to take Lauren to school.

I hoped that the rain would stop before I had to walk to work at 9:00. Sure enough, the rain did stop and I wasted no time heading off to work.

I unlocked the cave and the tunnel entrance, then turned on the lights with the large circuit breaker.

My tour began at 9:30 and was for only four people. The two couples were both from Michigan and had not been in the cave before.

We all enjoyed the tour very much.

The rain had stopped once again so I hurried back to the RV carrying the monthly mail delivery we had received from our mail forwarding service in South Dakota.

Marilyn and Lauren arrived not much later, and it was play time for awhile.

Marilyn had just taken Lauren to our bedroom, to read to her, when I heard a tap on the door. It was Bob, ready to take me to Wentsville to pick up Marilyn’s car.

It is always a pleasure to spend time with Bob. He is a good friend with a terrific sense of humor, and the conversation never wanes.

The car wasn’t quite ready and we spent about an hour waiting for “e-trailer” to finishe up the installation of the base-plate and the braking system.

Once Bob was assured that I would soon be on the road, he left and headed home. Thanks for your help old friend!

It was about 5:00 when I arrived at the RV and Marilyn fixed a simple dinner of Tomato Bisque Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, made with Hot Pepper Cheese.

It hit the spot for me and we soon settled down to watch some TV.

We have another busy day scheduled for tomorrow.

Life is Good!

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