The City Pier is really nice...

Chart showing fish..

View of the Mackinac Bridge from the harbor...


Lots of cool shops in town...

Don't miss this park, it has a wonderful beach area..


Last one!

We did a self guided tour of Mackinaw City today. They have a lot of shops, they have candy shops on about every corner, mostly fudge.

We stopped by the City Fishing Pier and checked it out too. Jerry can get a fishing license here for only $30 for the year. That is a much better deal than most states. We also saw the fishing guide that told what kind of fish are in the lake. Several kinds of salmon and whitefish are the main ones. He can fish right from the campground in Lake Huron. How cool to be able to walk out and fish from our campsite.

We also visited another awesome beach with views of the Mackinac Bridge. The harbor area was incredible too. We watched the ships coming in and gulls flying all over the area. There is a lot to see and do in this area. We are planning our trip to Mackinac Island soon. Check back back later for more from Mackinaw City.

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