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Monday, Bob and I drove in separate cars to “e-trailer” in Wentsville, MO, where I left Marilyn’s car to have a baseplate installed for towing.

Because of the additional installation of a braking system, they needed to keep the car for three days.

Bob will take me back to Wentsville tomorrow (Wednesday) to pick up the car. Thanks, Bob, for all the help!!

Bob and I sat outdoors on the patio, just visiting for awhile, until Marilyn returned from picking up Lauren after her school was out.

Marilyn & I drove Lauren back to meet her Mommy in Palmyra, and then drove back to Hannibal.

We went out to the Garth Mansion to see our friend, Julie.

We exchanged hugs with Julie, were served a cold drink, and then took the golf cart to see the new building for weddings at the Mansion.

What a beautiful place to begin married life!!

We returned to the mansion and sat with Julie in the kitchen.

Somehow, the roasted chili peppers we enjoyed so much in Colorado, came up in conversation, and Julie decided to show us how to make real Chili Rellenos.

We had fun, getting involved and learning from a fine chef, and then enjoyed the finished product.

Those roasted peppers, stuffed with two kinds of cheese, then breaded lightly and fried, were fantastic!

I made a bit of a pig of myself and felt stuffed.

Then Julie made a very tasty salad of grilled lettuce and added a dressing of balsamic vinegar, oil, and several other seasonings.

She followed up with grilled asparagus and some marinated boneless pork loin, all of which was delicious.

I felt as if I couldn’t possibly hold another bite, and then Julie brought us some cheesecake with caramel sauce drizzled over it.

By this time I was totally packed with good food and could hardly hold my eyes open.

Thank you Julie for a fine evening!!!

Today, we picked up Lauren in Palmyra, then returned to the RV where I began to get ready for work.

Lauren stood in the bathroom and watched as I shaved and brushed my teeth, chatting all the time.

Marilyn, Lauren and I rode in the truck to the office, where I started to get things ready for leading tours of the cave.

Lauren found a game in the gift shop and I bought it for her.

I led a tour with 16 people and we all enjoyed the tour for sure. I had lots of complements.

By the time I got home, Lauren was eating her lunch. After her lunch, Lauren sat on my lap looking at a road atlas, asking: “Have you been here?’ “How about here?” “Is this blue part the ocean?”

And questions like that.

Jennifer and Colby came by after Colby got out of school and picked up Lauren after staying awhile to visit.

It was a good day and we look forward to tomorrow.

Life is Good!

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