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Carpes at Pony Soldier RV

We headed west on US 16 thru the Black Hills

US 16 & US 16A interchange
US 16A is not RV friendly due...

We drove thru the Black Hills National Forest

Back thru Hill City and Teddy Bear Town

US 18 is a beautiful road

Closed lane???
No worry, put up two stop signs and let folks sort...

Entering Wyoming on US 18

Mon, 08 Sep: Continuing west...

A road day. After a week at Americas Mailbox and an additional three days at Rushmore Shadows it was time to get on the move again. "Hitch Itch" needs to be scratched, and rolling wheels seems to work best.

We awoke when we awoke, which was fairly early this morning. Following breakfast we got busy with our pre-departure chores. Bob dumped our holding tanks while Sandi checked tire pressure. We chatted with Miles for a bit and got underway about 0845. Since the RV park is right on US 16 it was a very short drive along park roads to reach the highway.

Bob turned us west toward Keystone, Hill City, and Custer City. At Custer City US 16 headed west toward Wyoming but we opted to stay on the South Dakota side of the line a bit longer, so we chose SD state 89. We picked up US 18 farther south, which we followed west toward the Wyoming state line and US 85.

We encountered several "first for us" construction projects along US 18 on the South Dakota side of the border. They were repairing bridge pavement, which required one of the two road lanes to be closed. We've seen flaggers and even traffic signals used to control the traffic flow. Not here, since the bridges were very short the oncoming traffic and their stop sign could be easily seen. So, you stop and, if there is an oncoming vehicle waiting at their stop sign they enter the single lane and cross the bridge. When they're clear, then you go, and so on... Can't imagine this working in the "oh so polite on the road" states such as California, East Coast, or Texas.

We crossed into Wyoming and switched drivers at a rest stop. Sandi continued south on US 85 thru badlands quite similar to those east of the Black Hills. We stopped for lunch in the small town of Lusk and then continued south to Lingle and US 26, which we took west five miles to Pony Soldier RV park, a small Passport America park.

We were warmly greeted by Julie, the park's owner. We arrived a few minutes after one and were settled into our pull thru full service site by half past. Today's run was 189 miles thru very hilly terrain. Despite the hills Carpe managed to deliver a quite respectable 7.7 miles per gallon.

Our plans are to spend two (or possibly, three) nites here before continuing west. Stay tuned...

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