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Shortly after we finished our coffee, Marilyn & I went for a walk to the highway and back.

Just as we started back from the highway, Jenifer called to let us know she and the grandkids would come in and spend the day with us.

That was fine, so I got busy, dumping the holding tanks. I then cleaned the car, getting it ready for the trip to St Louis tomorrow to have the Base-Plate installed.

I also emptied part of the back seat of the truck, so that we have room for a child seat. Marilyn will be driving the truck to Palmyra while the car is in St Louis.

Jennifer and the grandkids arrived and we sat outdoors for a little bit, then took a walk to the gift shop, then the winery (to pick up some corks) and then to the sluice, where the grandkids raced the corks in the fast flowing water.

By this time they were all hungry so we walked back to the RV for some lunch. Hot Dogs, Mac & Cheese, Applesauce, and Chips, were the menu items.

After lunch, Colby sat quietly and watched the football game with me, while Lauren took a nap in our bed.

Marilyn & Jennifer sat together on the sofa, looking at a calendar and scheduling different events for our time here.

We spoke about taking the kids to the gift shop for ice cream so Colby went to the bedroom to wake Lauren from her nap. That was a mistake! She was not ready to wake up so she threw a tantrum!

I don’t blame her actually, because I would act the same way.

Eventually we did walk to the gift shop and bought some ice cream for everyone.

After the ice cream, the kids played for awhile and then it was time to head for home.

Marilyn had put some salmon out to thaw, so that I could put it on the grill for dinner.

The grilled salmon was very tasty and we ate that along with a salad, then settled down to watch some TV.

I did manage to get a shower, then put on some PJ’s and look forward to a good night of sleep.

Life is Good!!

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