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Leaving our chambres d'hôtel in barcelonne en gets


Coffee stop at Arzacq. Geoff checks our route

Small town on the way

Church at Pimbo Had pilgrim stamp at pilgrim welcome

Artist in morlanne

Inside church at Morlanne

Abbey at Sauvelade lunch stop

Our first sighting of the Pyrenees in the distance after a massive...

Our hotel in Navarrenx. Hotel Commerciale

View from town wall surrounding Navarrenx



Artist in Morlanne

Artist in Morlanne

Stage 9 Aire-sur- L'Ardour to Navarrenx 91k 6 September 2014

Petit dejeneur

Bread jam yoghurt & coffee

The price

Dinner bed & breakfast 33e

The weather

10 to 28. Hot and high humidity

The ride - tracking the sunflowers

A ride of many ups and fast descents. We stop at Arzacq 34k for morning tea. Because it's Saturday there are markets in most villages. We continue on to Morlanne 43k where there is a weekend festival of painting. This is a lovely village.

The scheduled lunch stop of Moslacq 67k uproves to be a disappointment as the only restaurant is closed for lunch. It is oppressively hot which is why the houses are now more hacienda in style with their tall angular roofs.lunch is a life saving little restaurant in the middle of nowhere (Souvlade abbey). About 14k to go. And then 5 k from Naverrenx thru the valleys to the left the distant grande Pyrenees.

The fare

Goats cheese and honey panini


Snail from the boulangerie this morning



The vibe

Dogged determination. This was a hard day particularly the last climb into Navarrenx.

The highlight

The rolling valleys and cute villages. People along the way are saying Spain even better.

The lowlight 

Hard climbs in oppressive heat

The problems 

None. Cumulative punctures 1


Town is booked out with the only option appearing to be the Hotel du Commerce

But we get a bath and a grown up towel!

A great bed at last for a decent sleep... But no, are awoken at 2am to a fire alarm in the hotel. Well one of the magnificent 7 wasn't disturbed by it. He continued to sleep through! The idling fire engine and flashing light stayed for quite awhile adding to the sleep disruption.

The fare - Hotel du Commerce - alfresco

Starter - local ham or smoked salmon or capsicum stuffed with cod

Mains - fish with small vegetables in a pastry or pork or fish with paella rice

Dessert - local cheeses or selection of little desserts

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