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We planned to sleep in this morning but Marilyn’s phone rang at 7:00 AM. It was Jennifer informing us that Lauren continues to run a low grade fever. She said Lauren came into Steve & Jen’s bedroom at 2:00 in the morning to ask “Can we go see Mimi and Papa now?”

Gotta love that kid!!

Marilyn & I sat outdoors in the brisk 53 degree morning air, to sip our coffee.

Later, I made the bed and then carried trash to the dumpster.

I noticed a couple of guys camping in tents and stopped to chat with them for a few minutes.

One was kayaking down the Mississippi River all the way to New Orleans as a fund raiser for the fight against breast cancer.

The other guy was the “Chaser”, driving the support vehicle.

John Hatch, the guy who spends most of his time on the river, is a retired Corporate Pilot, who continues to fly part time in a Citation 560XL. That is one of the aircraft I taught and flew at Flight Safety.

John knows several of my old friends at Flight Safety and is going to recurrent training next month, in Orlando, Florida.

I asked him to say hello to several of my old friends.

Marilyn fixed a nice breakfast, then puttered around the RV making things look nice.

I took the car to Walmart to shop for some supplies, pick up a prescription, and fuel the car. I picked up some needed items but forgot all about the fuel.

Now I’ll have to make another trip. Bummer!

I spoke on the phone with Bob, who will follow me to Wentsville on Monday, when we take the car to have the baseplate installed.

I also chatted with friends, Steve & Cathy, for a few minutes.

While we were in the mountains for the summer we seldom used our cell phones and we discovered when we tried to use it this morning, that the “Wi-Fi Hot Spot” capability was not working on my phone. A Call to Tech Support soon had things restored to normal.

Steve, Jennifer, and the two grandkids drove in, bringing food for the grill, and we all had a nice time, visiting and laughing.

Colby demonstrated his football prowess and Lauren told us all sorts of things about her life.

We enjoyed every second.

After a visit to the playground, everyone was worn out. It was beginning to get dark by this time so we all said goodnight.

The kids headed off for home and signaled relaxing time for us.

Marilyn realized that we had been so excited that we took no pictures. We had lots of hugs though!

Tomorrow is another day we hope to see the family and spend time with those grandkids.

Life is Good!

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