Door County was really flooded when we left this morning...


The golf course was really a mess..

Driving through the town of Marinette, Wisconsin...

Another view..

Most unusual view of the day..:-)

All set up and ready to explore...

River views from our campsite..



Last one!

This is a quick update to let everyone know we have safely arrived. Our drive was only about 130 miles. We are in Marinette, Wisconsin, right across the bridge from Menominee, Michigan. We had planned to leave Door County yesterday but had to change our plans. It rained so much a lot of the peninsula was flooded and the power was knocked out for a lot of people. They are saying on the TV News that some may have power outages for days. We were happy the campground we were in only lost power for a few minutes.

We had large hail and wind most of the day and night. I am glad we didn’t leave and drive in that kind of weather. We are happy to report a sunny and beautiful day today. We will only be here for a couple of days. We will be exploring the town tomorrow, check back later for more.

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