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After a good night of sleep we were ready to go, and rolled out of the RV Park at 7:45 this morning.

We drove in a strong cross-wind today and that cost us some mpg. The truck managed to eke out 10.2 mpg while Marilyn continued to do great with 42.7 mpg in her little “Casper”.

We stopped in Salina to top off with fuel. It was one of those places where you have to go inside and tell them how much fuel you want before you pump the fuel.

I thought for a minute and said “$80.00”, then signed the receipt and went out to pump the fuel.

It shut off at $79.48 and I squeezed a little until it hit $80.00 where it shut off.

I thought at first that I may not have filled the tank, but sure enough, it was full. Great!!

It was 10 minutes before 1:00 when we pulled in at Deer Creek Valley RV Park. The office was closed but the paperwork was waiting for us, so we parked and were hooked up within a few minutes.

I then drove Marilyn’s car to the store, fueled up and bought a few groceries, and drove back to the RV resort.

Marilyn had finished with her shower so it was my turn.

The temperature nearly reached the century mark and it was still 97 degrees at 7:00 PM.

We met friends, Tom & Bernie, at a Mexican Restaurant and enjoyed a nice meal, a cold margarita, and the company.

We had a fine visit and look forward to seeing these good folks in the RGV this winter.

Our other friends, John & Lori, who live here in Topeka also, will be visiting us for a week this winter.

Lori is out of town today so we didn’t get to see them this time.

My shoulder was giving me some trouble, hurting from the strain of driving the rig in that fierce wind all day.

I took an Amino pill and it helped a lot. Thank you, Jan!!

Tomorrow we’ll get to see our daughter and grandkids.

Life is Good!!

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