Sturgeon Bay Canal Light


Sturgeon Bay Canal North Pierhead Lighthouse



I would love to spend a day swimming here...awesome!




Jerry showing how far out this one was....



The lighthouse trolley pulled up to see the lighthouses too...

One of the beautiful homes in Sturgeon Bay..

We had a nice lunch here..

We spotted these two while driving to Green Bay too...


It was getting dark, I love this picture showing the moon and...

Baileys Harbor Range Lighthouse Rear

Baileys Harbor Range Lighthouse Front

On our drive to Green Bay we decided to stop in Sturgeon Bay and see two of their lighthouses. Sturgeon Bay is a historic year-round waterfront community that dates back to 1835. The city is located on Green Bay which flows directly into Lake Michigan through a large shipping canal.

The community has beautiful parks, outdoor concerts, diverse water activities, 3 distinct shopping districts, museums, galleries, dining and extensive lodging choices. Sturgeon Bay is open year-round for pleasure and escape to Door County. It is the only real city in Door County, the rest of the tiny towns are called villages. It is also the only city with a Walmart etc. It is the place to go to shop if you need more than a Piggly Wiggly.

We stopped at the Visitor Center and got the address taking us directly to the lighthouses. The beaches in the area our outstanding. I would love to spend a whole day swimming in this area, but it’s not open to the public.

On the way back from Green Bay, we also stopped at Baileys Harbor and got pictures of two more lighthouse we had missed last time. I am going to be busy pasting pictures into my Lighthouse Passport Book. :-) This will probably be our last update from Wisconsin. We will be heading to Michigan next, check back later for more from somewhere in Michigan.

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