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When entering some creeks or rivers, one has to watch for these...

Our anchorage in Mill Creek. Yes, this is a sunrise.

It was really windy crossing back to the east side. Admiral did...

Jacey Winery.

Back to mother ship after a nice trip to the winery

Tons of history here

We visit this old plantation home. Some Ker's spell their name with...

8/27/14: Mill Creek off the Wicomico River-We mention the river name here as there are several Mill Creeks on the bay. This one is somewhat south of the mouth of the Potomac River. After a leisure morning, we leave around 0830 for a 5 hour run here. We had anchored in the lower part of this creek years ago and remembered it as bing really nice. The weather is perfect for an anchor still (64F at night) with clear skies (stars) and John saw on the internet that there was a small winery that it appeared we could get to via out dink. We took the creek as far up as we could until the water was about only 5' deep (we need 4'). Along the way, we hit a crab pot, our first for this trip, but fortunately it did not snag. The Navy is having lots of fun today with planes flying all over the place. The noise is somewhat eerie since old paranoid John thinks each noise is our engine blowing up. We are amazed how on this entire trip how few boats we see. Today was another example of that. Except for the working boats, we see only a couple of cruising or sailing boats. After "feeling" the bottom at the end of the creek to make sure we had enough swinging room without hitting bottom, we get the dink in the water and take it to the end of the creek (1' deep) but can not find the winery. Sue asks John "are you sure there is a winery here?" and John politely responds "you could have done your own research" at which Sue replies "that's what I got you for?". After some laughter, at John's expense, of course, we head back to Just Relax and hook up the PC and do some more research. Lo and behold, the winery is right next to where we are anchored. I mean, only about 200 yards from us. We tie up to a small dock that is in the back yard of a home, but does have a small sign on it that has Jacey's Winery on it. After climbing up the hill through the back yard waiting for someone to come out and yell at us, we come to a field of grape vines and soy beans growing. We head over to a metal building and inside it is beautiful. The family is doing a nice job and even does evening meals for folks from time to time there. We earn the family has been buying up land around here for years hoping someday to have a winery. They like to experiment, and also do not lose a drop. For smaller harvests, they blend everything and give it a fancy name. We tasted some of them, and not too bad. Back to the boat, we grill chicken and prepare for an early departure tomorrow even though a short run, we want to see more of our next stop than just one day's worth.

8/28: Onancock, VA- We leave at 0615 to a beautiful sunrise that occurred at 0634. We miscalculated the severity of the waves as we crossed back over from the west to the east side of the bay. It was straight on our beam, so we rocked liked crazy, but did some tacking to reduce the effect, but that added about an hour to our run. Things got tossed around in the cabin quite a bit, in addition to us. Then we have to enter a creek (Onancock) that we heard was dicey. The run from the inlet to the town takes an hour. We are still out in the sound (bay), but the inlet zigs here, and then zags there, and with the winds, our boat wants to drift out of channel. It takes both of us to navigate these strange waters, but thanks to our GPS leaving bread crumbs, it will make it easier to leave. When we finally get into the creek, the winds are no longer a factor and it is easier to find our way. However, all of this angst was worth it, seeing Onancock, and we recommend it to all. Today, we are the largest boat in town. There was one sailboat anchored in our size, and everything else was smaller. The town wharf has a few slips only, but is beautiful and the two guys who run it go out of their way to help us. We liked it here so, we discussed staying a third day. We tour the shops some and do some history walking. There is a cemetery in a family's back yard that we were able to see that dates back to pre-Revolutionary War. The Atlantic ocean is not far from here. Laundry here is free. The town is named by the indians meaning "a foggy place". John Smith explored here and the place is full of critters (egret, heron, osprey, eagle). The Ker house is a great example of Federal architecture and even has a basement, which is very rare. He was a famous merchantin 1699, Onancock was given the right to free worship in the churches. While here, Sue wanted to watch the Panther's game, so we went to the only place that had a TV and the power had gone off, so they closed. We hear that a restaurant has a small TV, and we had not eaten yet, so we find it on the waterfront (this is a very small town) and they set us up with a table right in front of their TV. Sue (and thus John) is happy. This stop is our last adventure stop on the bay for this years trip. We have a couple more stops we want to make in NC that are new for us. However, we are unsure of where to go from here. This happens from time to time and makes boating fun, most of the time. We get out charts, and think, ok, let's go to Cape Charles next. However, it is essentially a beach and we have those at home. So, we decide, let's go back to the west side for a stop. However, the winds are still predicted out of the NW, meaning, BEAMY seas again. The captain better not do that to the Admiral again, only two days later!!! So, the decision is made, we will point the boat in a southerly manner that would be the best for winds. This is either the Piankatank River, Mobjack Bay/York River, or Portsmouth (which is a long day).

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