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Looking down at where we'll soon be driving.

Art-work in Lewiston. Photo by Mary Anne.

Recycled art, "Canoe Wave," near where Lewis and Clark first met the...

We saw this sculpture at the east end of the Blue Bridge....

Another view of street scultures.

Visitor Center at the Nez Perce National Historical Park.

Mary Anne looking at an exhibit.


The paddlewheeler Queen of the West. She does an eight-day cruise on...

Days 7-8

August 1-2

It’s only about a hundred miles from Wallowa Lake into Clarkston, Washington. The first half of the drive on Lewiston Highway 3 was fairly normal. Then things changed dramatically! We rounded a curve and saw that we were on top of a deep canyon. Within the next several miles we went from about 4500’ elevation down to less than 2000’. That’s where the highway crossed the Grande Ronde River. Just beyond the bridge a sign with a very squiggly arrow told us to expect 25 mph driving for the next 25 miles. The sign’s information was more than accurate!

After regaining most of the elevation that we’d lost, the final twenty-five miles into Lewiston-Clarkston was “normal” once again. There were wheat-fields alongside the highway. About ten miles from Lewiston-Clarkston we could see the towns—down below us! Once again we soon were descending. This time, however, it wasn’t as “dynamic” as the segment up from the Grand Ronde River.

In Clarkston we stayed in the Granite Lake RV Resort. We had a water-front site and were at the confluence of the Clearwater and Snake Rivers.

Here’s a funny story about the temperature. I have an Oregon Scientific “indoor-outdoor” thermometer for the RV. When I get to where we’re camping, I’ll fasten the exterior sending unit onto the side of the motorhome. Both Mary Anne and I noticed that the outside temperature was about the same as the inside—80-84 degrees. But both our cell phones’ weather.com app said the temperature in Clarkston was running 102-104 degrees during the day. I thought maybe it was just a bit cooler because we were on the river. Well….

The last night there I cleaned road-kill bugs off the front of the RV. I noticed that the exterior temperature sensor wasn’t where I normally have it fastened. So I went inside and found it in the tray in the cabinet above our dinette. And that, my friends, explained why it was only 80-84 degrees along the shore of the Snake River—the sensor had been inside the cabinet inside the rig! Duh!

The RV resort is directly behind Costco and a short block from Albertsons. So it was an easy place to get gas (Costco) and groceries (Albertsons).

The Nez Perce National Historical Park is about a dozen miles east of Lewiston. The Visitor Center overlooks the Clearwater River. We appreciated our time there. We were offered a unique perspective of the American west – not from the Mississippi River looking west, but from an ancient homeland of the Nez Perce, looking out. The Nez Perce National Historical Park, we found out, has thirty-eight sites over four states—Washington, Oregon, Northern Idaho, and Montana.

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