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Marilyn was up this morning before I made it out of bed.

Since I was sleeping on the sofa bed in the living room, it was pretty much mandatory for me to get out of bed when she came down to put coffee on in the kitchen.

Our day began with a visit from ten deer, a combination of several bucks, several does, and a couple of fawns which were drinking at the water bucket next to our patio.

Once the coffee was done we made a snap decision to drive to Penrose for breakfast.

Eddie & Jan rode with us and we sure had a nice meal and enjoyed the company.

We walked next door to where they were roasting peppers. Man, the aroma was so good.

Back at the RV, I went outdoors to take the screened room down. Before I knew it, Eddie, Jesse and Ken were all here to help and the room was soon packed away and placed in the truck for travel.

Eddie suggested that we take the truck to Penrose to wash it and fill it with diesel fuel.

Eddie was a huge help with the truck and it looks quite nice now, even though we still need to remove spots of tree sap stuck to the windshield, hood, and top of the cab.

Ginger loaned me some “Goo Gone” which I’ll use to remove sap tomorrow.

Jesse & Ginger had the pleasure of their kids dropping by today.

They have a nice family and we have met them before. It was nice to see them all again.

Chris stopped by to talk about the routing from here to the RGV.

We enjoy Chris & Gia and look forward to seeing them in Texas this coming winter.

I didn’t mention it earlier in the blog, but Jan had some disturbing news today. Her only sibling, a sister named Linda, is in ICU back in Texas. Of course Jan is extremely worried and we humbly ask you to include Jan, Eddie, and Jan’s sister, Linda, in your prayers.

Tomorrow will be our final day here in the mountains.

Hopefully, we’ll be back to enjoy the awesome weather next summer.

In the meantime we’ll look forward to new adventures along the way to Missouri, New Orleans, Abbeville, and the Rio Grande Valley.

Life is Good!

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