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The cathedral at Le Puy where we got our pilgrim passports and...

Monistrol d'Allier

Having tea at a friendly house awaiting peter B and his 'broken'...

Stage 1 le Puy to saugues (Sog) 46km. (28 August 2014)

The hard slog to Saugues begins with 500m climb to 1150 to the half way point followed by a 500m descent thru some amazing alpine/gorges fantastic roads following a river. Can't wait to see the Go Pro film of the descent, which was taken by Ray.

In all around 25km of descents. Just wonderful

The weather

Sunny 25 and bloody hot

the problems

Recently resurfaced roads which haven't been swept creating havoc. Significant gravel over many kms of the 9km climb.

Peter B catches stone in derailleur which bends the hangar and throws everything into the spokes. Amazingly Ray has a spare hanger but can't get the broken one off

The silver lining

5 k up the road Roman caught the others having afternoon tea provided by m and Madame Richard by the side of the road (at the end of the climb). He asked the grandson Max to retrieve Peter B and his bike. Granpa agrees!

The highlights

15 century town of Monistrol d'Allier about 6 km into the first part of the descent. Here we meet many pilgrims around a little shrine. Built entirely of stone. We meet many pilgrims crossing our road to get to their paths.

The descents and the challenging climbs

The lowlights

Delhi belly taking its toll on Roman and he had

No towel for shower!

The vibe

Wonderful camaraderie. "If the tour ended today we'd be happy" is the opinion of the Mag 7

The accommodation

Madam Itier Martins has a farmlet with wonderful garden produce and many beds. She welcomed us with strawberry cordial and mint cordial (homemade) and a great dinner for 25 pilgrims in total.

Roman scored the double bed! (And Pauline scored her own room!!!!)

The fare

2 soups (lentil & veg), followed by pickled pork and pork sausage with boiled potato, carrot & cabbage. (Pot au feu). All of this from the farm. A cheese plate and blammange for desert. Really good homemade cooking for 25

The price

35e pp for dinner, bed & breakfast which is great value

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