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I expected to sleep much better last night, and I’m sure that would have happened if I had not had a guest nearby.

That guest was a very loud, very persistent, CRICKET.

That little critter was totally loud and noisy all night long, getting quiet only as daylight began to show itself around 6:00 this morning.

By the time Marilyn crawled out of her bed, I had folded up the hide-a-bed, folded and put away the blankets, put the cushions and pillows back on the sofa, opened the blinds, and started the coffee.

It was only about 50 degrees so I turned the fireplace on and turned on the Sirius XM radio to some soft music.

I totally forget about my plan to build a campfire this morning.

Maybe I can do that tomorrow.

Marilyn fixed a nice breakfast and then I went outdoors to get the basement storage bay straightened and arranged properly for travel.

I put the spare TV in the back of the truck, then fixed a bad lawn chair. Jesse came to my rescue on that project by supplying the needed screws for the project.

With that work complete I made several trips to the dumpster, then retired to the screened room to read and perhaps doze off for awhile.

A loud barking dog made sure that any rest or dozing did not happen.

The dark clouds soon began to leak some light rain, but the crashing thunder promised more, so I folded up the lawn furniture and joined Marilyn inside the RV.

Marilyn fixed lunch as the rain fell from the sky, making for a very pleasant day. We do love the sound of distant thunder and rain on the roof of the RV.

The lunch contained the freshly picked sweet corn we brought home from the Farmer’s Market. She added some pork loin fried in coconut oil, after dipping in beaten eggs and flour and coated with Panko bread crumbs. The remainder of the fresh peaches, sliced, made a fine finish to the meal.

After that meal I was ready for a nap.

That didn’t happen either, but it was my own fault.

Hopefully the new mattress will arrive here tomorrow.

Until then I’ll just remind you that Life is Good!

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