Di & Terry's Winter Holiday 2012/14 travel blog

After leaving Kalbarri, we travelled to a free camp at the Moore River. After a relaxing night we set off about 9.00am and headed to see T'Ann and our new grand daughter and catch up with T'Ann and son Lachie.

Great morning and we left at 1.00pm and headed for home.

This was Tuesday 26th August.

Got home around 2.40pm, parked the 'van on the front lawn and started unloading.

Fell into bed at 8.30pm.

Spent the next day, Wednesday, cleaning the outside of the 'van while Di put through 8 loads of washing.

Today I unloaded the car and cleaned the interior. Still got the exterior to go.

Maybe tomorrow or the next day, or the day after that, or .....

So much to do, and so much time to do it in.

Have also cut all the lawns and edges and sprayed the weeds where I park the 'van.

For the technical minded:

We travelled 15,911 kilometres.

We used 2,107.86 litres of fuel.

At a cost of $3,831.62.

An average of $1.82 per litre and 7.55 kilometres per litre.

Di is happy to be home again. She has wanted to come home for the past month.

I held out as long as I could, but we are only home 2 weeks earlier than I planned.

So be it!!

Well that's all folks. Catchyoualllater.

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