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Needless to say, I didn’t sleep very well on the sofa “hide-a-bed”.

I figure that I slept three to four hours at best.

I felt a little stiff and sore when I awoke and dome of that has stuck with me through the day.

Most of the time when I lay there, trying to go to sleep, I was thinking about my choices and what to do about the bed.

This morning, after coffee, I walked to the lounge to use the phone and found the lounge locked up tight.

The computer room was also securely locked, which meant that no phone was available to folks using the campground.

It is possible to drive down the road a mile or so and get cell phone service, but what if there is a real emergency during the night?

I spoke to staff members about this problem and have been assured that steps will be taken to resolve that issue. I’ll let you know.

Some time later in the morning, I called Wheels RV where we bought our RV, and was given the phone number for the “Sleep Number” company.

I called and spoke to a nice customer service rep named “Diva”.

She gave me some troubleshooting tips and suggested that the problem was probably the inflatable mattress. She asked me to try a couple of steps to verify the problem and then call her back.

I switched the air supply hoses from one side to the other and verified that the same mattress refused to inflate while the other side was fine.

That verified that the air pump, supply hoses, and remote control are all working fine, while the problem mattress continues to be nothing more than “Flat”.

The company is sending a new mattress to us, to be delivered on Friday, all for a cost of $138.01.

So, if all goes well, we should have our comfortable bed back by Friday evening.

I did send an e-mail to a friend, Nick Russell, who wrote me back with information about a wonderful bed he purchased some time back. I was tempted to pull the trigger and make a purchase of that bed, but the cost of $700 to $900 was a bit more than I wanted to spend right now.

We just spent a bit over $1600 for the base plate and braking system for the new car, so that we can tow it behind the fifth wheel.

That is the primary reason we are hesitant to spend any more than we have to at this time.

So, with life going along at a normal pace, we are getting the problems resolved and continue to believe that Life is Good!

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