Hardy Gallery..







You could see the fish in the water, it is so clear...

Putting his touch on the side..






Awesome view of Green Bay...



Last one!

We visited another awesome town in Door County, the village of Ephraim. Nestled along the limestone bluffs of Eagle Harbor, the Village of Ephraim proudly exhibits a blend of Norwegian and Moravian Heritage.

Ephraim captures the attention of artists, both as a subject and a place of artistic refuge. An iconic Door County landmark, the Hardy Gallery, is housed in a graffiti-covered warehouse on Anderson Dock. We spotted the Hardy Gallery while passing by and had to make a turn around to see this one closer.

The whole building is covered with graffiti, but it is all done in a neat and tidy way. We even saw a man flat on the ground painting more on it. It was a cool place to visit and not to be missed while visiting this area. We wished Betty (my sister) was with us, all the artist from the peninsula meet here. She would fit right in. :-) I got a lot of pictures of the outside and surrounding area.

Ephraim offers the most accessible shoreline of any Door County community, we watched people fishing, swimming and parasailing. It is hard to describe the area, it is so beautiful!!! We sat and just absorbed the beauty of the area. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story. Can you see why we love it here so much? Check back later for more from this awesome peninsula.

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