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The vortex in Sedona

Quite the climb!

Standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona

Thank God we're too broke to afford the Hampton Inn

Putting out the fire

Brian Cacchiotti delivers amazing Schwab service!

New retirees enjoying the life in Uncles Ron and Jim's beautiful new...

From California, we drove out through the desert, past Joshua Tree National Park (and getting the obligatory stamper), to visit my recently retired uncles Ron and Jim in Sedona Arizona. What a spectacular place! A highlight included climbing to the top of the "vortex," said to evoke intense energy and feelings. Besides being energetically enthralled at the beauty of the place, the only other feeling I had was anxiety about how we would get down! Later, quick stops included checking in with our Schwab financial advisor (Brian Cacchiotti) at his home on a Sunday (now that's service!), and standing on THE corner at Winslow Arizona. I can't think of a more perfect road trip song than Take it Easy by the Eagles..."I'm running down the road trying to loosen my load"....sounds all too familiar! Continuing the musical road-trip theme, we overnighted at Tucumcari (can you just hear Little Feat singing "Well I've been from Tuscan to Tucumcari"?). My Uncle Ron also played us a '50s song about losing a girlfriend in Tucumcari; he was a lot less enthusiastic about the town! And rightly so. We gave up camping due to lightening storms, checked into the Econolodge during an absolute deluge, and woke up throughout the night to thunder rattling the windows. In the morning we thanked the powers that be that our budget dictated a stay in a budget hotel instead of the Hampton Inn across the street. Lightening had struck the building during the night and started a fire that still smoldered as we checked out. Tucumcari just got a whole lot more exciting!

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