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The day began with us sleeping in until 7:00 before sharing our morning coffee together.

We were ready when the time came to join Mike & Sandy at the Thai Restaurant for lunch.

We all enjoyed a great lunch with fantastic food and then we parted with our friends, sharing hugs and wishes for safe travel.

We returned to the RV where I went to the screened room to read while Marilyn remained inside working on her cross stitch project.

I dozed off for a few minutes.

Marilyn & I went to the public phone for some calls.

I called e-trailer to make sure we had all the parts needed for the car to allow us to tow it behind the fifth wheel.

The base plate and brake system will be installed on Sept 8th & 9th.

Once that was all settled, we called our daughter, son-in-law and grandkids, visiting with them for as long as we could before giving up the phone.

We were joined in the lounge by Jesse & Ginger and Eddie & Jan for some snacks and a domino game called chicken tracks.

Jesse & Eddie were the big winners and I never did win even one hand.

That could have been an omen for a bad night.

When we got back home, one glance at our sleep number bed made it clear that my side of the sleep number mattress was totally flat.

We stripped the bed and unzipped the mattress cover.

I inspected the air hoses, the connections, and the mattress on my side but could find nothing wrong with it.

The air pump appeared to operate normally but the mattress did not inflate.

So, for the evening, we gave up, re-assembled the mattress so that Marilyn’s side was useable.

I plan to sleep on the hide-a-bed tonight and we’ll call the company tomorrow to find out if there is maybe a simple fix.

Tomorrow is another day and we are hopeful that things will go better.

After all, we continue to believe that Life is Good!

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