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Due to the cool, 53 degree temp this morning, we shared our coffee indoors with the fireplace on and nice music on the Sirius XM radio, which we receive on the computer.

Marilyn fixed a fine breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast, and juice.

Ginger stopped by to ask if we needed anything from the store, as she & Jesse were heading into town for supplies.

Later I went to the screened room to repair our lounge chairs which were coming apart. I had purchased some parachute cord to use in attaching the cushion seat and back to the frame.

After a few frustrations getting started things went pretty well and the chairs are now just fine, even with a more firm “seat”.

I took my latest book, some chips, and some cold water to the screened room and enjoyed the comfort of the chair for awhile.

Jesse & Ginger returned and joined us for conversation until it was time to go in and begin fixing a meal.

Eddie & Janet had treated us to a fine meal the other night so we decided to try to duplicate it.

We found a recipe for German Red Cabbage and fixed that, then served it with pork and sauerkraut, It was all quite good.

I decided to start writing this journal entry as Marilyn began to fry the pork for dinner.

There was a knock on the door and it was Mike & Sandy, friends from Texas.

Marilyn sort of put dinner on hold and we visited with these good friends for awhile.

We had suggested the Thai Restaurant to our friends as a place to enjoy dinner and, if they had arrived about 30 minutes earlier, we would happily have joined them.

We do have plans for tomorrow and look forward to showing Mike & Sandy this part of Colorado.

Marilyn finished the preparation of our dinner and we relaxed, ready for some TV watching and a fun day tomorrow.

Life is Good!

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